Ginnie…our RV

Her name became Ginnie. As we entertained ourselves around the campfire on our first trip out we decided to give our RV a name. But what kind of name would describe this vehicle or describe our current station in life? We named the slingshot Millie after a very successful year in 2017. Now the task that lay before us is to find the perfect name for our RV – one which we could speak of intimately as a member of our family.

A few sites down hosted a trailer branded with the word Imagine named by its manufacturer. The word was large and jumped out at me instantly. Our RV is branded with the word Fuel because Heartland decided that is what it should be called – it’s model name. But for us, while fuel is important, it just didn’t seem right to name her after a petroleum product.

But if you take the word Imagine…. ah, yes. Imagine all the places we will go – well, you get the short name “Ginnie.” It also has a familiar sound to it. I mean I did have a doll when I was little (like really little) named Jenny. And Forrest had that friend, yet that’s not it either. None of that’s near the familiarity that Virginia Scott has for us – Grandma Gin as we called her. She passed away a few years ago at 94 years old. She lived a long time and experienced life to it’s fullest – she was always a “Granny on the Go.” So we dedicate the name to Virginia and we “ImaGINe” all the places Sheri and I will be able to go. Hence the name – Ginnie.

We want you to imagine all the places you wish to go – and travel along with us as we experience not just Arkansas but also places beyond that we only imagined of seeing before now. Life is too short and time is a precious commodity – so use it well.

See you on the road,

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Jeff and Sheri love to travel and eat - or eat and travel - in any order. Being empty-nesters they now plan their vacation trips around places they want to eat.

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