About Me and Sheri

We love to travel and we love to eat.  So together we are a dynamic duo.  We purchased an RV in November and dedicated ourselves to travelling and experiencing all we can in Arkansas and the surrounding area.

I am co-owner of Tacker’s Shake Shack, a 43 year-old family restaurant in Marion, Arkansas.  My mom and dad began the restaurant on October 1, 1977.  Since then my family has been featured in news magazines, newspapers, news broadcasts and in books on travel and food.  Most recently my mom was named Proprietor of the Year in the state of Arkansas by the Arkansas Heritage Department because of her dedication and work in the restaurant industry for many years.   Our restaurant has been nominated to the Food Hall of Fame, but not yet a member.  We are hoping this is going to be our year!

Sheri is a dyslexia therapist with Marion schools.  She focuses on elementary-aged students and teaches them to read.  She has her own tutoring business named Delta 3D Learning where she uses her skills to tirelessly teach children outside of school hours to overcome reading difficulties.

Together Jeff and Sheri have worked with churches in the role of youth pastor for 25+ years, even serving as missionaries in remote areas of Togo for several years.  They have three children:  One is teacher, one is a cook and one is still in college planning to teach.

We hope you enjoy our adventures!!