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Dominican Republic 2016


Looking forward to another trip to the Dominican Republic in a few hours.  I can never sleep before a big trip.  I hope I sleep on the plane!  Our group will spend 10 days ministering to those children who live in the bateys.  A batey is like a village – all the inhabitants work for the sugar plantations.  We will also visit some orphanages and other Christian schools.  Can’t wait to share some pictures and stories with you.


There’s something special about a launch  (unless you’re a security adviser watching third world countries launch their new technologies into space – but let’s not go there.)

This is a re-launch so to speak.  Stages one and two went off well in years past.  But now a new stage has arrived.  New hobbies and experiences are here.  There’s lots to learn, areas to stretch the imagination and plans to be made.  And so it’s with this stage I re-launch

Having held many different positions since graduating from college in 1991, I can surely say that I would have never expected the turn of events since holding that diploma.  We have been blessed.  Having served overseas to working across the south in ministry, we (that’s Sheri and I) have made life-long friends and many, many great memories.

I hope you tune in to more adventures of the Tacker family.  I hope you gain some inspiration – some motivation – some knowledge as we share ours.  And may God bless you more than He’s blessed us (if that’s possible!).

Peace out –


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